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Any and all information on this web site or related links should not be considered a

substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment or for veterinary advice

relative to a specific condition.  Always seek the advice of a qualified, licensed veterinarian provider.

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Health Care Topics

Our topic list will continue to grow and evolve - and as always, information presented here should not be considered as a substitute for a professional veterinary consultation.

In Health

10 Tips on Selecting a Pet

Canine Physical Exam

Feline Physical Exam

Feline Senior Wellness

Cat Myths Debunked

Pet Healthcare Websites

BUYER BEWARE - Online Pet Drugs

In Illness

10 Signs of Illness in Cats

Fading Puppy and Kitten Syndrome

Signs of Illness in Older Cat

Signs of Illness in Older Dog

Quality of Life Scale

Signs that Pet Needs to See the Vet

Long Term Medications

Poisonous Plants List

197 Things That Could Harm Your Pet


Ear Cleaning Technique (Daisy Hill)


Pain in Pets

Arthritis and Your Dog

Osteoarthritis in Senior Cats


Basic Vaccine Info


Behavior Screen for Older Pets

10 Steps to Housetrain Your Dog

Puppy Play Behaviors

Common Kitten Behaviors

Introducing a New Baby


Insulin Administration in Pets

Parasites - EWW!

Parasites at a Glance


American Heartworm Society Info

Feline Heartworm Disease

How Heartworm Disease Hurts Cats

Canine Heartworm Disease


Truth about Ticks

Lyme Disease


Top 10 Flea Myths

Seasonal Safety

Summer Care Tips

Halloween Safety

Halloween Hints for Pets

Christmas Holiday Safety

Winter Care Tips


Spay and Neuter Reasons

Care of your Pregnant Dog


5 Facts about Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Food Diet Trial Compliance

Shampooing Technique (Daisy Hill)

Obesity & Diets

Weight Loss in Cats

Weight Loss in Dogs

Pet Obesity

Body Condition Scoring Chart

Oral Care

Dental Care FAQ

Caring for Pet’s Teeth and Gums

Halitosis in Pets

Home Dental Care Tips

What’s in Your Cat’s Mouth?

WARNING - Anesthesia-Free Dentistry


Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work

Why Diagnostic Tests are Important


Chronic Renal Disease

Inappropriate Urination in cats

Identifying Inappropriate Urinations

Pet Doesn’t Urinate Normally

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