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In all that we do, our goal is for your pet to have a pain-free and disease-free mouth. Our well equipped dental suite helps us to provide modern prophylactic cleanings and disease prevention as well as advanced dental disease diagnosis and treatment.

We utilize a stepwise approach for every patient called the Oral ATP (Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of disease):

Assessment – Thorough oral evaluation before and during anesthesia, including detailed dental charting and x-ray imaging.

Treatment – Includes gross calculus removal, subgingival (below the gumline) cleaning, tooth polishing, irrigation, fluoride application, and OraVet™ plaque barrier application.  Therapeutic extractions, restorations, and gingival surgeries may be needed depending on the disease present.

Prevention – Always tailored for the individual patient, we will discuss the best approach for long term oral health and comfort.  We will help you understand which home care methods and products are best.

You can reduce oral disease and costs by giving your pet a Prophylactic Oral ATP before serious disease exists. When low grade calculus and gingivitis are present and no suspicion of deeper tooth root disease exists, then intra-oral radiographs are your option*, no surgery is necessary, and the whole procedure is shorter for your pet.

Other disease prevention and cost savings tips include:

These strategies help to maintain a comfortable healthy mouth and healthy body throughout the life of your pet.

*A full mouth set of radiographs is recommended during at least one Prophylactic Oral ATP to provide a future reference for comparison and to reveal hidden or unexpected disease.


Our goal is to help your pet have a mouth free of infection and free of pain!

Prevention of Oral Disease

Treatment of Oral Disease