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“Ask the Vet” Articles

Ask the Vet is published weekly in the Ashland Times-Gazette newspaper.  Contributions are from area veterinarians, members of the Ashland County Veterinary Medical Assoc.

Drs. Irvine and Selby contribute regularly, and all their past articles are included below.

The most recent are at the top of the list.

ALSO - If YOU have any article ideas, please send us a note!


Aug 06

Prevent disease with timely oral care

May 24

Tips for traveling with pets

Apr 18

Be patient and gentle when brushing pet’s teeth

Mar 14

With spring come parasites!

Jan 04

Healthy resolutions for the new year


Nov 30

Holidays are happy when pets are safe

Oct 26

Leptospirosis and Giardia are waterborne risks

Sep 22

Many causes for lameness exist in pets

Aug 24

Comprehensive oral health care

Jun 15

Tips for caring for pet guinea pigs

Mar 16

Seizures are scary, hopefully manageable

Jan 19

Time and pet aging march on


Dec 01

Testing for food ingredient sensitivity requires patience

Oct 27

When a pet has unexpected weight loss

Sep 22

Seasonal itchiness may have multiple causes

Aug 18

Some foods potentially toxic to pets

Jun 30

Heartworms cause lung disease in cats

May 27

Storm-phobic pets can be calmed

Apr 21

It’s usually best not to interfere with baby wildlife

Mar 17

Don’t overlook signs of heart disease in pets

Feb 10

Managing Feline Leukemia Virus


Dec 30

Pet (New Year) resolutions for healthy solutions

Nov 25

Tips for traveling with and without pets

Oct 14

The ins and outs of tapeworms in family pets

Sep 09

Strategies for seasonal pet itchiness

Jul 29

A clear message about chew toys

Jun 24

Care of the orphaned neonatal kitten

May 20

Look for the right resources for wildlife in need

Apr 15

Early detection of chronic kidney disease is imperative

Mar 11

Keeping a pet physically fit will be a benefit during geriatric years

Feb 04

Dogs don’t distinguish colors like humans

Jan 02

Pet health myths


Nov 26

Hyperthyroid disease is common among mature cats

Oct 22

The value of blood testing for our pets

Sep 09

Simple diet can help keep your cat fit

Aug 20

The dog ears of summer

July 09

The perils of using aspirin with animals

May 14

The truth about ticks on your animals

Apr 02

Spring’s the time to start fighting fleas

Feb 27

Brushing a pets’ teeth a worthwhile process that takes some time

Jan 16

Take action to aid relationship among pets


Nov 28

Winter holidays happier when pets are safe

Oct 31

Recitations relate to pet care

Oct 03

Proper diet is important when raising rabbits

Sep 12

Prepare ahead of time when planning to travel with pets

Aug 01

Use a four step process to rid fleas from pets, home