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substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment or for veterinary advice

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Pet Health Insurance

Below is an alphabetical list of companies that provide pet insurance. The list may not be complete and is intended to provide basic information and links to help you investigate and decide if pet insurance is right for your pet.

We do not endorse or recommend any one provider over others.

About Pet Health Insurance -

Pet insurance can help by offsetting some or most of the costs of diagnosing, treating and managing your pet's illness or injury.  But pet insurance isn't for everyone, and there's no magic formula that will tell you if it's right for you and your pet. If you're considering pet insurance, here are some basic considerations:


 PetFirst Healthcare

 AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

 Pets Best

 ASPCA Pet Health Insurance


 Best Friends Pet Insurance


 Embrace Pet Insurance


 Healthy Paws