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In-House Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy makes for speedy preparation of a wide range of prescription medications and non-prescription products.  This includes pharmaceuticals, parasite preventions, supplements, and prescription diets.

For medications we have a variety of formulations to improve acceptance by your pet, like flavored chewable tablets, sprinkle capsules, and easy to administer liquids.  And when needed we utilize special-order medications for patients that can be available as early as the next day in many cases.

Please call or send us an email request (see below) prior to picking up prescription refills so that we can have these items ready for you when you arrive. In certain cases, an exam may be needed prior to filling a prescription. Federal law requires there to be a patient-doctor relationship in order to prescribe medications for your pet.

For your convenience, we can also mail products directly from our hospital to your home or business.


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